How to Brew

Brewing the perfect cup of loose tea is a lot easier than you may think.

With our premium teas you actually use less tea and get a much more flavorful cup.  The general rule of thumb is a teaspoon of tea per cup, however with our teas a teaspoon really makes two cups or a large mug - and you can infuse again for seconds!

Using your favorite teapot or an EZ Brew gravity pot (available in Teaware) warm the pot by swishing a little hot water from the kettle around the pot as you wait for the kettle to boil.

Add the tea to the pot - 1 teaspoon for a large mug or two regular cups - and pour water over the tea just as it comes to a boil.  Stir and allow the tea to infuse for 3 - 5 minutes. 

Pour the tea into your cup, taste and decide if you would enjoy it more with a spot of milk or a little of your favorite sweetener (our fave is honey).

Here are our suggestions:

Coronado Royal Breakfast - pay homage to it's British heritage and add a little whole milk.  We like whole milk because a little makes a big difference whereas skim milk is a little too watery for our taste - just our opinion.

Downtown Darjeeling - also lovely with milk and equally delicious with a squeeze of lemon and a little bit of honey if you like your tea a bit sweeter.

La Jolla Hibiscus Berry - Simply served honors all the gorgeous flavors in this beautifully colorful tea.  We don't even add honey but feel free if you prefer.  This is caffeine free so enjoy at any time of day.

Pacific Beach Peach - Perfect exactly as it is, we doubt that you even need honey or sugar.  Makes a fantastic iced tea - brew double strength and add the same volume of ice (e.g. 2 cups of double strength tea made with 2 teaspoons of tea to 16 oz boiling water, 2 cups of ice).

Rancho Santa Fe Earl Grey Creme - We like this pure and simple, add a little sweetener if desired.  It's perfectly acceptable to add a little milk but taste first because you may not need it since the vanilla gives this tea a delicious creaminess.

The Rose Garden - We also like this one with no additions but it happily plays with a squeeze of lemon and a little honey.  Another ice tea winner!

Proper English Tea:

Wakey Wakey - This is a lovely strong tea so you don't need much to brew a flavorful pot.  One teaspoon per cup as indicated above.  We do prefer this with milk but it that's not your 'cup of tea' we won't be offended if you add lemon and/or honey.